The Franklin County Amateur Radio Club is pleased to announce that our President, George (Bud) Hippisley has been elected to the ARRL Board Of Directors for the Roanoke Division. Bud will assume his duties on 1/1/2019. Bud was one of 4 new Directors elected, 1 incumbent was re-elected. This election cycle signifies the wishes of the ARRL membership for a transparent board.

ARRL Announcement 


Signing Up For Our Reflector

We send regular communication to our members and anyone interested by way of our Yahoo Groups Reflector.

Follow the instructions below to sign up.

1.  Go to
  2.  In the big Search box, type “K4UK” (without the quotes) and click on “Search Groups”.
  3.  On the next page, click on the callsign “K4UK”
  4.  On the next page, click on “+ Join Group”
  5.  If you do not have a Yahoo Identity you will need one to sign up. Use your existing Yahoo identity (usually, but not always, an e-mail address) and password to check in.
  6.  Follow the remaining directions for joining.
You will be notified by email when your membership has been approved. Please Note: you must give a brief message in the box at the bottom as to why you would like to join.


Our officers are:

For 2019-2020 Term

       President:   Jerry Conner, W4JWC
       Vice-President: Bryant Johnson AF2T
       Secretary:  Dana Phillips, N6DW
       Treasurer:  Riley Dudley, K4ORD
       K4UK Trustee:  Riley Dudley, K4ORD

Our Club Call Sign

Stan Reas, K4UK (SK), of Moneta was a co-founder (1997) and charter member of the FranklinCounty Amateur Radio Club. In the ensuing years, he mentored many young people at the club station, W4FCR, in Rocky Mount, and was a key participant in many of the ARRL Field Day
outings undertaken by the club. Under the auspices of the FCARC and assisted by several other FCARC members, Stan managed the QSL bureau for FISTS, an international CW club, and summarized monthly FISTS QSL bureau totals at FCARC meetings. Always soft-spoken, gentle, and courteous, Stan was a guiding influence within FCARC just shy of twenty years.

Stan passed away on October 5, 2016. When approached by fellow FCARC co-founder Buddy Smith, W4YE, in mid-2018, his widow Carolyn and his son Doug enthusiastically supported the club’s application to the FCC to acquire Stan’s vanity callsign “In Memoriam” as the club’s official call. That request was granted by the FCC on October 18, 2018. As of that same date  our former callsign, W4FCR, is cancelled and unavailable for reassignment for a period of two years.

The officers and members of FCARC wish to express their immense gratitude to Carolyn and Doug Reas for their support and assistance on the club’s path to “memorializing” K4UK in honor and recognition of Stan Reas’s nearly two decades of outstanding contributions to the Franklin County Amateur Radio Club.

Area Repeaters

Below Is a list of repeaters in our area within approximately 30 miles of Rocky Mount, Va.

This list is accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time it was published.

If you know of a repeater that needs to be added please drop us a note via email and we’ll get it updated.

2 Meter Repeaters

Name Frequency Offset PL Tone Location
K1GG* 146.745 -0.600 107.2 Roanoke, Poor Mtn
K4AU 146.7 -0.600 107.2 Danville, White Oak Mtn
K4MVA 147.285 +0.600 107.2 Martinsville, Chestnut Mtn
K4LYL* 147.105 +0.600 136.5 Bedford
NJ1K 145.11 -0.600 100 Patrick Cty
W4CA** 146.985 -0.600 107.2 Roanoke, Poor Mountain
W4KDN 146.94 -0.600 107.2 Roanoke
W4KZK 146.88 -0.600 107.2 Salem
W9KIC 146.715 -0.600 88.5 Blacksburg
WA1ZMS 146.685 -0.600 100 Bedford, Apple Orchard Mtn
N4VL* 145.410 +0.600 103.5 Poor Mountain
WG8S 147.12 +0.600 107.2 Martinsville

*Is on the Blacksburg area skywarn spotter system. Nets are conducted every Wednesday night at 9PM.

** Net every Wednesday beginning at 7PM.


70 cm (440) Repeaters

Name Frequency Offset PL Tone Location
N4HRS * 444.175 +5.00 103.5 Roanoke / Poor M
K5JCT 442.3 +5.00 127.3 Roanoke
N4HRS * 444.275 +5.00 103.5 Roanoke, Community Hospital
N4HRS * 444.475 +5.00 103.5 Roanoke, Tinker Mountain
N4NRV 444.65 +5.00 107.2 Blacksburg
N4USA 442.9 +5.00 114.8 Floyd
W4KZK 444.85 +5.00 107.2 Salem, Sugar Loaf Mountain
W7CP 442.7 +5.00 167.9 Roanoke
WA1ZMS 442.65 +5.00 100 Bedford, Apple Orchard Mtn
WB8BON 444.925 +5.00 77 Salem, Ft Lewis Mtn

*Part of the N4HRS – HEARS (Hospital Emergency Amateur Radio System) Network.  Nets are every evening at 9:30 PM local time